Deathwatch Intercessor with Contrast Paints

Stage 1 – Initial Steps

This is my approach to quick painting a Deathwatch Assault Intercessor using primarily contrast paints.

  1. Undercoat Grey Seer
  2. Basilicanum grey on grey and armour areas (minus right shoulder pad)
  3. Think coat of Black Templar on armour areas (minus right shoulder pad), leaving eagle grey
  4. Dry brush, lightly, Zandri dust around feet and ankles
  5. Base with Armageddon dust
  6. Drybrush Tyrant Skull

Stage 2 – Retouch with grey seer

  1. Right shoulder pad
  2. Face and hair
  3. Gold details
  4. Pouches

Stage 3 – Colour and details

  1. Flesh tearer red on weapon casing
  2. Nazdrag on gold details
  3. Snakebite Leather for pouches
  4. Paint the chapter should pad as appropriate
  5. Paint hair as appropriate
  6. Paint skin as appropriate